Hi, I’m Drew.


Drewvis to most - an illustrator living in sunny Brighton, UK, with my fiancé, and cats Martha, Mary and Bruce Lee.


I’ve been holding pens and making a mess with them since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.


Fast-forward more years than most people have fingers, and I find myself still holding pens and still making a mess, but now, thanks to the wonder of technological advancement I do the majority of it digitally (so there’s less cleaning up to do).


I specialise in character design, and development, and have built up a wide range of skills and techniques in both traditional and digital mediums.


I'm responsible for illustrating the comic 'Ramlock Investigates' (available through Madius Comics), and an ever growing collection of children's books, including some of my own (Dog and Dave sort of Save Christmas, and Messy Little Monsters volume 1).


You might also have seen some of the book covers I've designed for other authors.


In my "spare" time I’m a musician, a cat father, and a craft beer nerd. I've also been known to do charity stuff like house building and ruining my knees by walking long distances.



Drew ‘Drewvis’ Bristow




Graphic Design

Character Design and Development

Drinking tea

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